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Effective Ways Of Eliminating Of Mice

Eliminating Of Mice

Have you been struggling with keeping off mice in your compound? If yes then you are not alone. Many people have been faced with the problem of getting rid of mice from their homesteads. However, you do not have to worry since there are numerous methods which you can use to control these a nuisance creatures away from your homestead even without using poisons. Let us now find out the best methods which you can use to keep off mice from our residence

Use of mouse traps Eliminating Of Mice

The process of getting rid of the mice from your house is not walk in the park. The use of the mouse traps is considered to be one of the most effective and fats method of killing rats. This is done by using a standard trap which is loaded with a compressed spring. Spring traps are more effective than the glue ones.



Sometimes it might be necessary to use the poisoning method to kill rats. This method is mainly recommended where there is a heavy infestation of mice in the house. The use of poison baits is considered to be one of the most effective ways of getting your job done fast. You can either do this by using a single dose or by trying multiple doses. You are advised to use multiple doses in case the single dose proves not to be effective in your case. Again you can also increase the amount of the poison in your bait if your dose seems not to work.

Hunting dogs

You can train your do to hunt rodent and mice. Just like the cats, dogs are one of the most tenacious hunters. In case you choose to keep a pet dog for getting rid of the rodents, then you should never use any form of poison as this might as well affect your dog. The toxins ingested by the rodents would end up causing a lot of harm to your dogs and other pets such as the cat.

Keeping a cata cat

This is one of the best natural and quickest way s of eliminating mice from your house. A cat is considered to be very good as far as recognizing its predator is concerned. In fact, you will is teed one cat to keep mice at bay.

Use of strong smells

Mice have a strong sensing smell which helps them in locating any leftovers in your house. However, they will always avoid the strong smells. A strong smell can, therefore, be used to trigger their wariness. You can use some herbs which have a strong smell such as peppermint. This herb has a strong pleasant scent, but it is very effective in repelling rats.